Frequently asked questions

I am not creative at all – Will I learn to design, write and do other brand related stuff?

Yes! The course is designed for non-marketers who have never done this before. You will learn the basic rules and tools to be able to do everything yourself. The Brandschooled Inner Circle group is also full of additional help resources to guide you along if you get stuck. My team and I spend time on the group everyday to address questions and challenges. Plus you've got office hours every week to ask me your questions and figure stuff out with me.

How long will it take me to complete the programme and launch my brand?

That is totally up to you! You can complete the programme and launch a brand in as little as two weeks, or take a few months to do it - the course is designed for you to be able to go at your own pace. I do, however, recommend that if you've tried over and over and just not been able to get your brand going then pace might be important for you to build momentum. In that case, try completing the programme and launching your brand within 30 days - that's a bit of a tight timeline, but it's a great way to just get it done!

Is Kickstart Your Brand for new businesses and brands only?

Not at all! Kickstart Your Brand is a great journey for a brand that has been around for a while too, and just needs a more streamlined, effective strategy. For some modules, brand builders with existing brands will simply reflect, refine and perfect their existing brands rather than build from scratch. In fact, if you have an existing brand, you will be able to back your exercises and learning up with some real-world experience and insight – which is invaluable stuff!

Will I learn social media marketing on this programme?

You will learn how to give your brand a healthy start on social media. Social media can get overwhelming very quickly, and many business owners end up abandoning their efforts even if they start strong. On Kickstart Your Brand, you will learn to pick the best channels for your brands and get started on those. This course is not a social media marketing course, so I will only work on setting your brand in the right direction. Keep your eyes and ears open for Brandschooled’s up and coming programmes, though!

Can I get a refund if the programme isn’t working for me?

Yes, we have a 30-day-moneyback guarantee BUT I'll be broken-hearted if you come to this point, so if you’re really unhappy with the programme, please talk to me about it. I want to see you and your brand thrive, so I'd like to try and help you out. If you’re still unhappy, then we’ll arrange a refund for you, no questions asked. We want you to put all your marketing pennies to the right use, and if KYB isn't helping, then we're not going to tie you down with the investment.